Sunday, 1 December 2013

I glance outside at the blanket of snow,
while the fire is crackling with a soothing glow.
The tree is dressed up, the stockings are hung,
sharing tales of good tidings from the old and young.

The season's peace has spread through our hearts,
Christmas arrives, the season's hurry departs.
Love is hovering in every room of our home,
the family is gathered and no one is alone!

We all remember past Christmas nights,
the laughter, the joy beneath shimmering lights,
with loved ones that since have been taken away,
missed so deeply, but still in our hearts everyday!

The traditions we keep, the memories we treasure,
of the family we love and miss beyond measure.
May the season of peace find your heart's delight,
and bless you with memories of a Christmas so bright.

by Ilona Rosenthal Payne


  1. Merry Christmas to all, may you find
    Peace of mind and Joy in your heart!

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